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Facts about The Cecotec Conga Vacuum Cleaner

The Cecotec Conga Cleaner is a powerful scrubbing cleaner that provides the best cleaning results. It is designed with the best itech Space technology and smart navigation system that makes the cleaning job easy. This machine is well-designed, and it can return to its charging base after operating for about three hours. It has a high suction power, and it can scrub the floor easily giving it a super clean finish. You can learn more about this cleaner by referring to Aspirame website. This post is going to discuss the main features and benefits associated with Cecotec conga robotic cleaner.

Large Capacity


It is designed with two large-capacity tanks, one for wet and another one for dust. In addition to this, it is known for adapting completely to new homes, and it can detect obstacles and clean underneath furniture. It comes with free-fall sensors that prevent it from falling down while cleaning is going on.

It Has an Elegant Design

This is modern cleaning equipment that has a tempered –glass design and efficient cleaning brushes. It is designed with two side brushes that can reach every corner of your house. Its cleaning brushes are helpful in pushing dust from the floor towards the power nozzle.

Automatic Return

This equipment can automatically return to its charging base after cleaning. It has all time timetable for a whole week. Its LCD display and smart control system are helpful in setting and controlling it most intuitively and easily. Additionally, it comes with an immortal battery system and Ion-Lithium ion battery that gives the user a three-hour autonomy.

Comes With an EPA Filter

dusty carpet-allergens

Its EPA filter is well-designed to remove large quantities of dust, pollen, and allergens. This is one of the cleaners that integrate professional filtering mechanisms. The air expelled is cleaner than that which is sucked. It is suitable for different types of carpets and floors. Removing dust and other allergens is an effective way of purifying the indoor air.


Has Five Cleaning Programs

This equipment has five cleaning programs that you can choose from. Homeowners are advised to choose the programs that suit their cleaning needs. These programs include:

  • Homecoming- This is a special function that is activated when the user wants to recharge while cleaning. You can also activate it when returning the robot to the load base once you are through with the cleaning tasks.
  • Room- This is the best option for cleaning selected rooms in a house.
  • Automatic-This program is chosen when cleaning the entire house.
  • Spiral- The spiral mode is useful for removing dirt that has accumulated at some points.
  • Edges- This is designed for cleaning dirt around the walls and furniture.
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