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Best tips when choosing cameras and vlogging microphones

After you have learned so much about vlogging and video creation you will know that the camera that you will use in taking the video will be the one that will determine the overall quality of the video. If you want the video to look more professional and even sound more professional, then you will need to choose the best camera and vlogging microphones. You don’t have to spend like too much just to get a good vlogging camera you can work with the price range that you have. Check below some of the best tips that you can use when choosing the best cameras and vlogging microphones;

High definition recording


For the video to be accepted by Google, then it has to be the 1080p or high definition. So before going ahead and choosing the camera for vlogging then you need to make sure that the camera you are getting will be of high definition. The reason why this is emphasized is that the people need to be given high-quality videos so if your camera has shaky quality, then it will not be accepted by YouTube. So this is one of the great tips that you have to consider when getting the vlogging camera.

Built-in microphone

Audio is the next thing that you will be concerned with because no one will watch the video to the end if it has no sound. So ensure that the vlogging camera has a built-in microphone that is of very high quality. The reason why you should get the built-in microphone is so that it will be able to filter all the unnecessary noises. So ensure that when buying the vlogging camera you ask for the camera that has this option they can be a bit expensive, but they will be worth the price.

Wide angle lens


The vlogging camera that has the wide angle lens will be so helpful when you format the video to the widescreen. The feature is essential because nowadays the TVs that so many people will own they have the wider screen view and if the video itself is not shot with the wide angle lens it will not be so clear. It brings out more of the professional look, and you will notice that the videos will look far much better through the wider screen. If the camera does not have this option, then it will limit you because the vlogging videos are to be watched by other people and not you.…

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